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Returns & Refunds Policy

Jungle Collective Plant Guarantee

With over 50,000 happy customer deliveries we’ve gained enormous experience and are confident you’ll love the hand delivered convenience too!


Quality and experience are paramount to us. We know it can be nerve-racking to purchase your plant babies online. To put your mind at ease we’ve got you covered! We offer a 7 Day Plant Guarantee. If your plant arrives damaged or not in great shape please notify us within 7 days of delivery, and we will offer you a replacement, refund or credit.

* Simply take a photo of the problem plant(s) and send with your order number to info@thejunglecollective.com.au. Please note we are unable to provide refunds via social media platforms, so be sure to email us for the fastest response.



1. Plants are living and perishable, and just like any living things require an appropriate environment and care.
2. Our job is to choose the healthiest and best looking plant(s) for you. Once a plant is taken home, it is beyond our control how they are cared for but we are here to support you. You can reach us on Facebook messenger for any questions and our resident Horticulturalist will be happy to assist you.
3. We have created numerous plant care instructions as guidelines. As each environment is unique some adjustments and experimenting may be required.
4. All plants go through an acclimatisation period after being transported, during major season changes and adjusting to your buildings micro-climate. It isn’t uncommon during this phase, especially following transport that a plant may show signs of stress such as some leaves turning yellow or brown, dropping leaves or even drooping. In most cases the plant will find its new equilibrium within 2-4 weeks but reach out to our Horticulturalist if concerned. For these reasons we also recommend not repotting your plants immediately as this will add further stress. Waiting a period of at least 2 or 3 weeks before repotting is usually ideal.




The Jungle Collective has a no-cancellation policy. Due to the nature of selling live stock that are perishable it is a difficult to accomodate Change of mind from when the order is placed. As soon as an order is placed these items are removed from our online shop and our growers set aside and deliver to our dispatch facility. We therefore cannot accomodate Change of mind as it throws out our system and processes.


Our no-cancellation policy includes but is not limited to:

  • Change of mind – After placing an order you’ve decided you’d no longer like to proceed.
  • Discounted products – Cancelling to re-order the same set of plants after we have announced left-over stock discounts.
  • Price comparison – We work with Australia’s best quality growers and we believe our plants are superior to most other nurseries. For this reason, we don’t offer cancellation due to price comparisons.



We offer a unique service by hand delivering your plants to your door. We believe that this is the best way to transport plants, minimising stresses. In saying that, as living things being transported often reasonable distances it is possible for some leaf damage during transportation due to packaging or adjusting to your climate. If your plant looks like it has wilted during transit, we recommend giving it some water right away – this should help it settle it in and speed its recovery. If concerned please reach out to our horticulturist on Facebook for some additional tips. For more significant issues, document the problem and get in touch as outlined above.  Please note, some species can be more vulnerable during transport such as Oxalis Triangularis, highly variegated plants and occassionally rarer plants are often sensitive to transport shock but in most cases will bounce back relatively quickly.




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