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A Planty Paradise!

Occasionally we’ll be asked by people who haven’t been to one of our sales, what is the advantage of The Jungle Collective


There are many. The first and most obvious is the scale and this has been something that has grown over time from our humble beginnings having sales from home to our big warehouses. We bring thousands and thousands of plants from every corner of the country to make every sale as great as we possibly can. ️


With that comes the advantage of a huge range. We focus almost exclusively on indoor plants and we’ll often have as many as 200 unique species.


The third big advantage, being a pop-up is that our plants come fresh from growers direct to you so they’re not getting kicked around for months or being over-watered in a dark retail shop – they’re all in tip-top shape. To us quality is paramount.


We work around the clock to source some rare gems, constantly pushing the boundaries and introducing you guys to some of our favourite hard-to find plants. Each week we meet new growers allowing our rare offerings to keep getting better and better.


Our sales are in themselves an experience, no drudgery dragging feet through the aisles; it’s a party atmosphere with jungle bangers booming. At the end of the day it’s all about fun.


It’s a huge community of plant nuts from all walks of life. Some think it’s just a hipster thing; many of our most loyal customers have been mad about plants for generations. Everyone’s welcome and we love that it’s a cross-generational melting pot and community.


Our pricing is competitive and we offer opportunities to save by having a bit of fun and dressing to the parties theme for $5 off. Generally speaking, the earlier guests have the advantage of the best range and first dibs while the later Sunday guests might scoop some plant we’re clearing. ❤️


We’re not about undercutting the market or underpaying growers for their years of hard work. A lot goes into growing beautiful plants and plants in general are not cheap. But of course they are an investment and are highly rewarding as they grow and prosper. We try to offer various sizes to better suite everyones budgets and preferences. Plants purify our air, are great for our mental health and well-being and have even been proven to boost productivity (so they’ll pay themselves off in no time!).


We take our customer service deadly serious. Each sale will have multiple horticulturalists and we also answer questions through FB. Even if you didn’t buy a plant from us we’re happy to help


So that’s us in a nutshell. It’s been a great adventure that we’ve loved sharing with all of you so far and we look forward to meeting so many new faces as we launch in the G-Town this weekend!!


Let’s get ready to rumble!!


❤️ The Jungle Team



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