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๐Ÿฆ„๐ŸŒฟ – QUEEN OF QUEENS VARIEGATED PLANT MEGA DEAL PACKAGE – ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿฆ„ (Monstera Albo, Thai Constellation, Variegated Epipremnum Pinnatum)

Original price was: $625.00.Current price is: $279.99.

Which includes the whose who of the Rare Variegated Plant World, the Queen of Queens:

* 1 x Monstera Borsigiana Variegata Albo (moderate variegation) 125mm
* 1 x Monstera Thai Constellation 100mm
* 1 x Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata 100mm
Was $625.00, now just $279.99!!! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐ŸŽ‰ โญ๏ธ ๐Ÿ’ƒ

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Which includes the whose who of the Rare Variegated Plant World, the Queen of Queens:

* 1 x Monstera Borsigiana Variegata Albo (moderate variegation) 125mm
* 1 x Monstera Thai Constellation 100mm
* 1 x Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata 100mm
Was $625.00, now just $279.99!!! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐ŸŽ‰ โญ๏ธ ๐Ÿ’ƒ

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Care Tips
๐Ÿ“ท: @overgrow.house

Where to buy a Thai Constellation Monstera in Australia?

Why we're glad you asked as we do our best to source the rare Monstera Thai Constellation as much as we can. In saying that the low supply and the fact that they get snapped up quick means you need to be quick off the starting blocks.ย 


Monstera Thai Constellation Introduction

The Monstera Thai Constellation is the ultimate rare Unicorn and collector plant! Itโ€™s a beautifully engineered variety of Monstera Deliciosa grown from tissue culture in Thailand, hence the first part of its name. Itโ€™s the ultimate dream houseplant famous for its unique and elegant marble variegated leaves seemingly patterned with stars in a galaxy, hence the 2nd part of its cool cosmic name! The creamy color of their signature splatters and fenestration (holes) that can be up to three inches in size makes their leaves even more striking, sophisticated and elevates it to be a true showstopper!

The variegation on the Monstera Thai Constellation is stable, which differentiates it from the variegation on the Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo Borsigiana. That means your Thai Constellation will keep that gorgeous variegation with great consistency and will not revert to fully green leaves. The Thai Constellation really wants to be variegated, which is happy days for all of us!


Thai Constellation Monstera Care Tips Introduction

Easy, but not easy peasy. Monstera Thai Constellation are surprisingly easy care with a few simple considerations. Unlike their all-green Monstera buddies, Thai Constellation are less tolerant of drying out, slower growing and more sensitive to light, temperature, humidity and fertilizer. This houseplant under perfect indoor conditions will grows up to 6m tall, which makes it a signature statement plant for any indoor place.


Planting Monstera Thai Constellation

Light, light, light. Not sunlight but light, free-draining soil. Do not make the mistake of planting your Thai in straight potting mix. Thatโ€™s a big NO, NO. Way too dense and invites root rot! Aroid mixes are your best bet. You can DIY it by combining potting soil with perlite and a few chunky bits of bark or sphagnum moss for moisture retention.


Monstera Thai Constellation Lighting & Position

Monstera Thai Constellation will thrive in a lot light, making it a bit more selective than Monstera Deliciosa which can handle fairly low light environments. Its leaf variegation results from a tissue mutation in its chlorophyll, this mutation eradicates color and prevents those spots from absorbing sunlight. Consequently, the green parts of its leaves need to work twice as hard to turn light into the energy your plant needs to grow and thrive.

Make sure to place it near a window where it can receive a minimum of six to eight hours of bright indirect light each day to make them happy and healthy. In the absence of enough sunlight, you can consider investing in some grow lights to help your Monstera along. In lower light the plant will grow considerably slower and the leaves wonโ€™t reach their full and jaw-dropping impressive size.


Thai Constellation Monstera Watering

Over-watering is far worse than under-watering for the Thai Constellation. Root rot is your number one enemy. Monstera are tropical plants, which means they enjoy quite a lot of water, but not to the extent that they develop wet feet. They arenโ€™t as tolerant of drying out too, so you need to find the right balance. Wait till the top half of the soil is dry before watering again. If youโ€™re crazy worried, a water meter helps with peace of mind.


Monstera Thai Constellation Humidity

Monstera Thai Constellation favors living conditions with medium to high humidity levels, between 60% and 80% is best. The higher the moisture level in the air, the more likely your Thai Constellation will experience rapid growth. A sign that your Thai is longing for a little more humidity is brown tipping on edges of its leaves or a dry papery texture or curling leaf edges. If you notice these symptoms tend to your plant immediately by resting it on a damp pebble tray. Then get to work ramping up your humidity levels as soon as possible. You can opt to invest in a small humidifier to add some dampness to the air. Alternatively, bunching a number of plants closely together can assist the humidity of that micro climate.


Thai Constellation Monstera Fertiliser

Thai is a medium to light feeder, however that doesnโ€™t mean you should starve them! Definitely do feed your Thai Constellation, just go easy as you donโ€™t want to risk fertilizer burn. Apply organic house plant fertilizer once a month. Slow-release fertilizer are also a great option, place it sparingly away from the base of the plant.

We recommend using our Plant Food available here.ย 


Monstera Thai Constellation Extra Tips

Pruning is an important aspect of plant care. Remove old, yellowed or drooping leaves at the end of each growing season. It will help improve air circulation and release nutrients for younger leaves. ย 

Each year in the right conditions, the Monstera Thai Constellation grows about one or two feet tall; you need to repot it once every two years. Itโ€™s ideal to use a pot that is two to three inches larger in diameter than the root ball of its existing pot.


Thai Constellation Monstera Toxicity to Pets

Like most Aroids the Thai Constellation Monstera is toxic to pets and humans.


Monstera Thai Constellation Propagation

The best way to propagate Thai Constellation is by stem cutting. Allow your cutting to dry out for about a day in a dark, dry place. You can apply rooting hormone at the end of the cutting. You can either place the cutting in water or in damp soil. If you choose water, place the cutting halfway in the water. Use filtered water and change it every week. You can also use moist soil. Place it in a warm and bright place and allow them to grow to a substantial size and then transfer them to a proper pot. Propagating will have the best chance of success during the active growing seasons of Spring and Summer.


Monstera Thai Constellation - Are they rare, why are they so expensive?

Monstera Thai Constellation is a rare plant, this is one of the reasons why it is expensive. Thai Constellation is not easily propagated, grows slowly, can only be replicated through cloning and cannot be cultivated from seed. There is just ONE laboratory in Thailand that develops and creates the tissue culture for these plants, making the demand far outweigh the supply and keeping them exceptionally rare. Itโ€™s one of the most popular plants of this generation and for obvious reasons with its large, flamboyant, variegated leaves causing a huge demand and making it a serious collectors houseplant.


Can Monstera Thai Constellation be grown outdoor?

Monstera Thai Constellation is a Tropical Species and will do best in such environments. In Tropical Climates it can do very well under trees that provide dappled shade. Considering it is a lab grown plant it should never be placed in direct sunlight as the intensity of the sun outdoors is too high. Left in direct sunlight outside, it will most likely burn and wilt. Filtered light like on a covered deck or near other plants is a great choice. In Temperate climates, humidity can be a challenge and it can be sensitive to frost but in a protected position it is possible.



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We will do our best when packing but please allow for some leaf damage during transportation due to packaging or climate change. If your plant looks like it has wilted during transit, we recommend giving it some water right away โ€“ this should help it to recover and settle in or reach out to our horticulturalists on Facebook for more help.

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