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Variegated Chain Of Hearts – Ceropegia Woodii Variegata 130mm (small)

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Check out this guy – putting Rapunzel to shame!! Few things better then a loooooooooooooonnggg Chain of Hearts against a white backdrop! Excited to have a bunch of these beauties on the way!


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Ceropegia Woodii “String of Hearts” is a trailing succulent with cream, pink, and green heart-shaped leaves. Its stem has a purple tone. Tiny tubers form on the base of the leaves, giving it the nickname “Rosary Vine.”

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2 reviews for Variegated Chain Of Hearts – Ceropegia Woodii Variegata 130mm (small)

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  1. First rate customer Service! We had issues with delivery but Gretchen turned around the experience and made sure we received our plant and pot holder! Everything was perfect!

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  2. Happy Gardener
    Beautiful plants arrived safely and in good time. Very pleased.

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Care Tips
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Where to buy Chain of Hearts in Australia?



Why we're glad you asked as we do our best to have a steady supply of Chain of Hearts. 


Chain of Hearts Introduction

Ceropegia woodii is a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Eswatini. It is a member of the Apocynaceae family of plants. Chain of hearts goes by many common names including string of hearts, the collar of hearts, hearts-on-a-string, rosary vine and sweetheart vine.

The Chain of Hearts is a popular houseplant that that is easy care, which apart from its appealing and romantic foliage is a major factor to the plant's widespread popularity. The Chain of Hearts is an evergreen succulent that grows as a trailing vine and can grow to be more than two meters long. Once it matures, it will also begin to produce flowers continuously year round.

It is a plant that requires little attention and is simple to multiply. It is also resistant to drought and can survive in temperatures that occasionally drop below freezing. This plant is exceptionally adaptable and can be grown indoors, outdoors, in the ground or in containers and hanging baskets trailing.


Chain of Hearts Light and Position

The ideal setting for String of Hearts is a space with bright, indirect light. Ceropegia woodii can withstand a short amount of direct sunlight, ideally morning sun, which can increase the colour intensity of the leaves, but you shouldn't leave them in direct midday sunlight or for extended hours of the day.


Chain of Hearts Watering

The Chain of Hearts Plant is classified as semi-succulent, which means it prefers a dry environment to one that is too damp. They should not be watered regularly, and the soil should be allowed to dry out between each watering. As they can become dormant throughout the Winter, reduce your level of watering considerably during this season.


Chain of Hearts Humidity

Even though the String of Hearts plants are succulent and can survive in drier conditions than most other houseplants, it is still best to position them so that they may benefit from a humidity level of between 45 to 50%.


Chain of Hearts Fertiliser

For Chain of Hearts use a succulent potting mix that drains well, so the soil doesn't become waterlogged. String of Hearts does not require a substantial amount of fertilisers. An excessive amount of fertiliser can harm them. During the Spring and Summer months, you should use a liquid fertiliser once every month. The String of Heart does not need to be nourished during Winter because Winter is their dormant season.

We recommend using our Plant food available here.


Chain of Hearts Vulnerability to Pests & Disease

Mealybugs, aphids, and scale are three kinds of pests that are likely to attack your String of Hearts. Once a week, examine your plant and check the back of the leaves as well.

For more information on how to manage common plant pests head to our blog here.


Chain of Hearts Toxicity to Pets

Both humans and animals can safely interact with the String of Heart because they are non-toxic.


Chain of Hearts Common Issues

Curled leaves can be a common problem for String of Hearts that aren't placed in bright enough light. The plant will survive, but its appearance could be altered. In this case, the plant must be placed nearer to a light source to correct the curling leaves.

Keeping your Chain of Hearts Plant excessively dry, can also cause leaves to dry and curl, especially on new growth, because the leaves are thinner and not as hydrated. The older leaves of a plant have significantly larger water content and are better equipped to withstand dry spells.


Chain of Hearts Pro Tip

Prefers at least some shade but preferably full coverage.

When given adequate light, it can be grown successfully inside.

You will see the best results when planted in potting mix that allows for enough drainage.

It is important to give this plant enough water during the warm Summer months. However, there should be some time between waterings for the soil to dry.


Chain of Hearts Design Tips

Without a doubt, Chain of hearts are at their majestic best when trailing. They look terrific when up and hanging down from a white partition wall or shelf in front of a white wall. Consider placing them next to other great trailing plants like the Watermelon Dischidia (dischidia ovata), String of Pearls, Peperomia Pepperspot or perhaps even the Variegated Chain of Hearts to make a feature wall of the trailing greats. They’re leaves are relatively small so you want to admire them from close, so above a desk is the perfect spot for this gem to give you some hearty joy every day!


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