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Stephania Erecta – The Rare Unicorn

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Introducing the ultimate Unicorn, the Stephania Erecta!


We’re super excited to be offering these beauties for a once off limited edition but best get in quick because these Unicorns will soon fly out.


This is a project we’ve been working on for a number of years, so we’re super excited to finally have a small bunch to offer you. Our Stephania Erectas are pre-orders, so please note it won’t be sent out until Early-November. You will get a courtesy email once your order is dispatched with tracking. Due to quarantine regulations we aren’t able to ship to WA, NT or TAS sorry.


The photos here are previous Stephania Erectas (100mm pots) we’ve sold so are a good guide to what you will be receiving. The Stephania Erecta are available in 3 different sizes, 75mm pots, 100mm pots and 140mm pots (currently sold out) with prices varying accordingly and will be established with leaves and stems, although these will vary from plant to plant.


Plant Guarantee 

Quality and experience is paramount to us. We know it can be nerve racking purchasing your plant babies online. To put your mind at ease we’ve got you covered! If your plant arrives damaged or not in great shape please notify us via email within 7 days of delivery and we will offer you a replacement, refund or credit. Please read our T&Cs for more info.



Delivery will be with Express Post via Australia Post dispatched on Friday 26th November. Please note if you’ve ordered other plants from our virtual pop-up sales these will be delivered to you and the Stephania is sent via Express Post. Stephania Erecta are delicate plants and we will do our upmost to ensure the greatest care to mitigate any potential damage during transit. If you do have minor leaf damage please trim the leaf to allow for new shoots to come through.



Care Tips

Find our dedicated Care tips page here!

Stephania Erecta are the perfect collector plant. The Stephania Erecta is a tropical plant native to Thailand where it is found in thickets or forests with sparse vegetation. They appreciate bright, indirect light and high humidity. They like free flowing soil, similar to a cactus mix. Avoid low minimum temperatures below 12C. Avoid over-watering, watering once a week is usually sufficient.


Hot tip- If it’s growing leggy, it’s looking for more light and you might want to relocate it into a brighter position.


If the stem and leaves die back, especially during or soon after freight, don’t panic, new stems can grow back within a few weeks in the right conditions.



Please note that Stephania Erectas can go dormant over winter and lose some or all of their leaves. If kept in a warm place this won’t necessarily happen but don’t stress if they do. It’s a normal process and they will shoot out new leaves come spring. Please don’t water your bulb if this does happen to avoid over watering and you can start over in spring.


The Stephania Erecta is ideal for collectors. We wouldn’t recommend it as a beginner plant.

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