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RARE DEAL OF THE DECADE – Philodendron Paraiso Verde – Green Paradise 120mm

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The latest rare King, the Philodendron Paraiso Verde – Green Paradise will delight with its big variegated leaves.


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A rare and beautiful houseplant, Philodendron Paraiso Verde. Its mottled, patchy foliage is what makes it so popular.

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Care Tips
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Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Introduction

A rare and beautiful Philodendron is the Philodendron Paraiso Verde. Its mottled, patchy foliage is what makes it so popular. The Paraiso Verde is an important but relatively rare species of the Philodendron family. It is naturally grown in the tropical regions of the West Indies and the Americas. Also known as Marina Ruy Barbosa, its name means "paradise" in Spanish.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Planting

Appreciated as a foliage plant, the drooping foliage in shades of green add vibrancy to your living space. Philodendron Verde is a perfect ornamental for entrances, sidewalks, by a poolside, etc. Potted in large ceramic containers, they can fill a space with serenity. 


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Lighting and Position

Philodendron Paraiso Verde likes bright light but does not like direct sunlight. These subtle and attractive variations will fade and the leaves will turn dark green if the plant receives too much light. Remember that what you are trying to recreate is a rainforest floor where all the light reaching the tree is filtered by the taller trees.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Soil

Philodendron Paraiso Verde prefers light, nutrient-rich soil. Like other Philodendrons, it thrives in light, permeable soils rich in organic matter and well-drained. Paraiso Verdes are quite susceptible to root rot; Therefore, we recommend using only breathable floors. In addition to using loose soil, you can add peat moss, which prevents the soil from drying out quickly. Other options include perlite, charcoal, and coir.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Watering

Water this plant with clean water at least once a week, depending on the weather in your area. You may need to water less frequently during the winter. Paraiso Verde is a very sensitive plant to water. Both underwatering and overwatering are harmful to them. Due to root rot, you need to pay attention to moderate watering. Water them when the top layer of soil dries within two or three inches. You can test it with your own hands. Put your hand on the ground and test it. You can also check this by feeling the weight of the pot. If it hasn't been as abundant as your last watering, now is the time to water again. During the growing season, you need to keep the soil slightly moist. In winter, you should allow the surface of the philodendron to dry out between waterings.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Pruning and Maintenance

Unlike some Philodendrons, these plants tend not to be too intimidating. Most of the pruning you need to do is remove all damaged leaves. Think of it more like grooming than trimming. Since the plant has a relatively thin stem relative to the size of its leaves, the tree will benefit from some form of support. A moss stick allows the plant to take root as it climbs, which is similar to what it would do in the wild.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Fertiliser

Philodendron Paraiso Verdes are not heavy fertilizers; Another reason it's a grower-friendly choice. You can feed it quick-release liquid manure or powdered slow-food.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Common Pests and Diseases

Pests like aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs can be common pests attacking the Philodendron Paraiso Verde. These insects suck out the plants sap, leaving behind yellow coloured or wilted leaves. Treat them effectively with regular insecticidal soap solution or neem oil mixtures.

Leaf spot and root rot are the major disease associated with Xanadu. Both are the result of fungal attacks, that breed in excess moisture. Trim away overlapping foliage to provide fresh air for their leaves. Never let the Thaumatophyllum Xanadu roots sit in water-logged soils which will help to avoid any circumstance for the infestation of root rotting Phytophthora fungus.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde - Toxicity

Like all Philodendrons the Paraiso Verde is also toxic when consumed.


Philodendron Paraiso Verde – Design Tips

The Philodendron Paraiso Verde with its 360 degree growth habit and relatively low profile makes it a popular candidate for plant stands. A plant stand gives it some added height, allows the foliage to overflow the pots edges and helps to show off its all directions form. The vibrant green works well with white pots and white walls and light pink is another great option. Outdoors they can be used in rows such as along driveways and paths to create a neat formal impression or informally to achieve a jungle impression, ideal especially in cooler climates where some tropical plants might not be as successful.


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