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Legend tells of two lovers who desired nothing more than to be together. When their love was forbidden, they fell into the water, and their hearts became Marimo balls. Marimo are said to bring your heart’s desire to both giver and receiver.OH SWOON!



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The Queen is back! 🎉🎉🎉

Out of stock for almost 3mnths. We have a limited amount of these furry friends now available online!!

Marimo moss balls. The weirdest, funnest (is that a word) little plant you ever will own! A talking point at your next dinner party and best thing is they live for 100 years! 💯

Measure 1cmcm approx.

The Marimo moss balls are packed in plastic when dispatched. They are moistened a bit to allow for travel.

The glass jar is not included. 

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  1. Love The Jungle Collective!
    Love buying plants from here! They have the best, most unique selection of plants and I’ve found lots of hidden gems.

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Care Tips
📷: @euflorabotanics


Where to buy Marmimo Moss Ball in Australia?

Why we're glad you asked as we do our best to have a steady supply of Marimo Moss Ball.


Marimo Moss Ball Introduction

Marimo moss balls have become a sensation as a curiosity for plant collectors. Its unique look and extremely minimal care requirements make them great indoor plant and especially for beginners. Marimo moss balls, also known as Cladophora ball, Moss ball, or Lake Ball, is a spherical growth of filamentous green algae called, Cladophora aegagropila. The name, Moss ball is a pseudonym as they appear quite similar to regular moss with their dark green colouring which illuminates with a fantastic fussy glow under light. In Japanese, ‘Marimo’ means, ball algae. They are often placed in interesting glass vessels and being pet-friendly can also be great in aquariums and fish tanks.

Restricted to fresh water regimes, Marimo moss balls are native to the shallow lakes and rivers in Japan and Iceland and are now found across Northern Europe. The idea of utilising algae as ornaments in aquariums and shallow water bodies is really being redefined by moss balls. They are beautiful and pleasing alternatives to artificial decorations for your fish tanks and aquariums, but are often grown just on their own as a curiosity and great conversation starter. If moss balls are ingested with water, they remain at the bottom of the tank; otherwise, they may float or move randomly.

Marimo Moss balls are slow growers and can survive long periods, even centuries!! In their natural habitat a Marimo moss ball can attain a diameter of 15-30cm!! But it will take some years (decades) before you can expect the same for your specimen.


Are Marimo Moss Balls a weed?

At present the Marimo Moss Ball is not a registered weed in Australia but it does have characteristics that could make it a potential weed risk if not correctly disposed of. Its easy-care nature, easy propagation and longevity have allowed it to become a weed in some cool lakes and waterways in Europe. Traditionally the Marimo Moss Ball is passed from generation to generation, which is a great way to keep it out of natural ecosystems. If you are looking to dispose of your Marimo Moss Ball, boiling it in salty water is an effective way to kill these algae. Once boiled place in a plastic bag and bin. Avoid flushing it down the toilet, which can run the risk of it entering waterways.


Marimo Moss Ball Planting

Place your Marimo Moss Balls directly into a glass container of clean water and place the whole setup in a bright area for optimum growth. At first, you might only need a little container to hold your Moss ball. It is not necessary to change its container often since they develop slowly.


Marimo Moss Ball Lighting and Position

Marimo moss balls prefer bright indirect light for optimum growth although they can tolerate very low light conditions. Avoid placing the container in direct sunlight, as it can turn your Moss ball brown. A low to moderate light, whether it is natural or artificial is sufficient for maintaining a Marimo moss ball. Remember to turn your Moss ball once a week to have an evenly round growth on all sides.

Optimum growth will occur in water temperatures between 20-25 ͦ C. Any deviation from this temperature range will adversely affect the growth of the Cladophora aegagropila, although it will do well in room temperatures and can survive very low temperatures.


Marimo Moss Ball Watering

When it's hot outside, top up the container frequently and remember to replace the water every two weeks.

Marimo moss ball does not need any fertilizer, but benefits from those added into the aquarium for other plants.


Marimo Moss Ball Pruning and Maintenance

Marimo moss balls do not need regular attention, but a weekly rotation for even growth and maintaining the round form is helpful. If you feel like debris and dirt is deposited on your moss ball, take it out and give it a gentle wash in a bowl of water. Squeeze out the water and place them back in the regular tank or container.


Marimo Moss Ball Propagation

A Marimo moss ball can be readily propagated by cutting them to smaller pieces and placing them back into the water. These new pieces gradually grow into normal spherical shape with time. Remember to give an occasional swirl to the Moss ball for round even growth.


Marimo Moss Ball Pests and Diseases

There are no diseases or pests that are known to impact Marimo moss balls. Persistent unsanitary conditions, unclean water, lack of proper lighting, etc are the main reason that will decay your Moss ball potentially causing spotting and brown patches. 


Marimo Moss Ball Toxicity

Cladophora balls are safe and non-toxic to your fishes and other pets that dwell in the aquarium.


Marimo Moss Ball Design Tips

The Marimo Moss Ball is a curiosity and great conversation starter so you want to place it in a prominent spot to show off. It is also extremely low maintenance and can handle dark spaces so can be placed in spots where houseplants might not do so well. Interesting glass vessels can help to elevate it as a showpiece and bright placement or downlights illuminating it and its glowing fussy green will show it off best. Some add pebbles to the bottom of their glass vessels. It is also great in fish tanks. It’s also possible to place with cuttings although their roots can often penetrate into the moss ball.


Want a Marimo Moss Balls?


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