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Dragon Tail – Epipremnum Pinnatum 300mm


Epipremnum Pinnatum Dragon Tail Plant will definitely be a cool addition to your indoor plant collection thanks to it’s attractive foliage. Juvenile leaves are usually entire, changing shape and later developing characteristic splits with age.

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Epipremnum Pinnatum Dragon Tail Plant (Epipremnum pinnatum) is a native plant you’ll want to add to your houseplant collection, thanks to its interesting foliage.

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Care Tips
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Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Lighting & Position

Epipremnum comes from the humid forests of Solomon Islands, so they thrive in a warm and well-lit position with good indirect light, within a few metres of a window is best. The non-variegated varieties will tolerate lower light conditions but ensure they still receive a minimum of 4-6 hours of indirect light. If your variegated Epipremnum seems to be losing its markings, ie. reverting to all green - this is an indicator that it needs a brighter position. If your plant seems to be stretching, with longer stem sections between each leaf - this is another indicator that it does not have access to enough light. 


Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Watering

It’s important to keep up a regular watering routine. In summer you want to keep the soil moist but not soggy. To monitor this, you can use your finger to poke into the top 5 cm of potting mix and feel the soil moisture level before watering. If it feels wet, let it dry out for longer. Over watering can lead to fungal issues or root rot. Try watering once a week, using just enough water to start to see some draining from the bottom of the pot. During winter, when the plant isn’t in an active growing phase you should reduce watering frequency. 

As with all plants, drainage is essential. Ensure that whatever vessel your plant is in, there are sufficient holes in the bottom to allow excess water to freely drain from the pot and away from the plant’s roots. 


Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Humidity

Epipremnum aren’t as fussed as some of the other aroids in terms of humidity, but they will appreciate moderate humidity so if you notice your plant has brown, crisp edges you may want to try grouping some of your plants together, pop them on a pebble tray and If you want to go all out, buying a small humidifier online and placing that amongst your humidity loving plants can go a long way in providing the rainforest climate they will thrive in

N.b. misting with a spray bottle will only improve humidity temporarily, and if done excessively can lead to fungal issues. Misting should only be done occasionally and is most effective as part of your leaf cleaning routine (mist and then gently wipe leaves with a cloth to clear away dust from the leaf surface)


Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Fertiliser

Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly over the warm, growing period and not at all over the cooler winter months.

We recommend using our Plant Food available here


Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Extra Tips

Once a month you can wipe down the plants leaves using a damp cloth to clean away any dust that has collected and may be preventing the leaves from breathing. You can also prune off any damaged or dying leaves using a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs.

Your Epipremnum will grow well in a hanging basket with long trailing stems, however if at any point you would like to see its much larger, mature leaves - you will have to give it some support to grow up and attach to. In their natural habitat, epiphytic plants like Epipremnum cling to the trunks and branches of larger rainforest trees and access nutrients and moisture using aerial roots. If kept in the home without support, most of these plants will remain in their juvenile form with smaller and sometimes simpler shaped leaves. If you create a suitable support, such as a totem pole, along with the other necessary cultural conditions - your plant should not only grow quicker but also remain healthier and develop its mature form. 

The simplest option is to provide a wooden or bamboo stake and tie your plant to this as it grows. The downside to this approach is that the plant is unlikely to self attach using its aerial roots as the stake surface is too dry and impenetrable. The best option is to create (or buy online) a totem pole wrapped in coconut coir (the more environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum moss). When moistened - the coir provides a fibrous, moist and humid surface that encourages aerial root growth. 

If you would like to buy a pre-made coir totem, simply search for a coir totem plant pole online and select a relevant retailer. If you would like to make your own this short video from a recent gardening australia episode will show you how: https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/indoor-plant-totem/9704530


Epipremnum Pinnatum - Dragons Tail Toxicity

This plant is toxic if ingested for both humans and animals so keep it away from kids or your furry friends!




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