Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants | Cats and Dog-Friendly Plants
Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants | Cats and Dog-Friendly Plants
Looking for indoor plants that are safe for your dog and cats? Browse The Jungle Collective and buy the most exotic pet-friendly plants.
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Find the perfect plant for your fluffy friends!

In nature, colour can often be a warning that something’s poisonous; so we often assume pet-friendly plants must be the boring ones. Fortunately, when it comes to the plant kingdom this isn’t necessarily the case and there are plenty of beautiful and exotic plant families that will keep your pet dogs, cats and elephants happy. We’ve put together this infographic to highlight many of the amazing options on offer! ????

Pet Friendly Plants - The Jungle Collective

1.  Maranta spp.

2.  Tillandsia spp.

3.  Aphelandra squarrosa – Zebra Plant

4.  Calathea spp.

5.  Peperomia spp.

6.  Hypoestes spp.

7.  Ceropegia woodii – Chain of Hearts

8.  Stromanthe spp.

9.  Hemionitis arifolia – Heart Fern

10.  Aeschynanthus radicans – Lipstick Plant

11.  Most succulents & Cacti

12.  Ferns – generally pet-friendly

13.  Pilea spp.

14.  Fittonia spp.

15.  Palms – generally pet-friendly

16.  Pilea cadierei – Aluminium Plant

17.  Bromeliads – generally pet-friendly

18.  Lithops – Living Stones

19.  Rhipsalis – generally pet-friendly

20.  Dionaea muscipula – Venus Flytrap

21.  Fatsia spp.

22.  Ludisia spp. – Jewel Orchids

23.  Ctenanthe spp.

24.  Hoya spp.

25.  Musa spp. – Banana Tree

Take a snap of your little fur-child amongst their Jungle Paradise and


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Get pet friendly plants online is another great resource for searching specific species to double check they’re pet-friendly 🙂