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We might be a small team but in the Jungle Tribe we do what we can to punch above our weight to deliver the best possible experience for you! We push the boundaries of Diversity to deliver an exciting line-up each week and we aim to leave a smile on your dial & have a lot of fun along the way! We work hard but nothing great was ever created without aiming high and giving it a red hot crack!

If you’d like to join the Jungle Tribe we’d love to hear from you, please contact us here, we can’t wait – Work at the Jungle Collective

Linda Vydra



Studied Advertising and fashion.

A serial entrepreneur she started with her fashion label Lydra, engaging the elderly community to make bespoke clutches. This led to getting a laser cutter, digital fabric printer and two brands Classic Wedding Invitations and Pins to Kill (custom leggings).

In charge of operations, marketing, accounts and overseeing logistics, HR & basically everything else! The engine of the tribe :)

Josh O’Meara



Studied Architecture, although did his Thesis on the Biomimicry of Orchids – Lessons in Structural Design, highlighting his obsession with plants!

Started his own design business – Beetle Creative, while working on a fundraising initiative with a few friends called 1egg1world, with the goal of raising $1million through trading up for Charity.

In charge of strategy, innovation, rare plant collaborations, creative direction, music, design, VM & anywhere else he can help.


Plant Queen + Head of Customer Wow


Studied Architecture, Kay joined the Jungle at our very first plant sale in Perth. She quickly became Perth’s Event Manager and has since been heavily involved in manager and team training, processes and is our Plant ordering guru. She also oversees Customer service wowing happy customers every day!


Head of Culture & Retail Operations & Sydney Event Manager


A relative newbie to the Jungle Tribe, Adele brings a Wealth of Retail experience having worked in retail for over 15 years around the Globe. Her role is to keep all of our Event Managers happy and up to date, focusing on training & culture to fine-tune every aspect of the Retail experience.


Brisbane Event Manager & Head of Online Dispatch



Canberra Event Manager



Adelaide Event Manager



Melbourne Event Manager



Social Media Guru


Joining the team from across the ditch (NZ), Baillie is our Social Media guru, Insta, FB, Newsletters & the occasional DIY video!

Hershey - Jack Of All Trades


Operations Ninja & People liaison


Logistics, Research, Staffing, Wages (Everything!)


Master of Digital and Customer Happiness Hero


Another Jack of all trades answering general questions online, social content, accounts, launching events, newsletters and helping with research.

The Jungle Team

The Jungle Team

The Team of Teams!


Without a doubt any success The Jungle Collective has had is tribute to our amazing team! From our humble beginnings when it was just us (Linda and Josh), a few friends and a horti to our team of 50+ employees around the country and growing. It’s been a wild ride but having such a great team has been our biggest achievement and helped make it so much fun!

Winston Pablo O’Meara

Winston Pablo O’Meara

Head of Cuddles, Naps and our Mascot extraordinaire


Ok truth be told this one’s a bit of a slacker, but look how cute he is!!!!!