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Hoya Obovata – Plant Care Tips Copy


Hoya Obovata – Plant Care Tips Copy

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Feast your eyes on these honeys!!! It’s like a Mirror mirror on the wall who is the coolest Hoya of them all? Hoya Obovata – OBVIOUSLY! Honestly who could resist that phat round green speckled leafy goodness?😎🌿👌

Hoya Obovata Lighting & Position

To flower, your Hoya will need some good bright light such as a north or even west facing window – but ensure that it is not exposed to excessive hot sun. Insufficient light will cause the plant to become leggy and prevents flowering. 

Hoya Obovata Watering

Hoya’s are semi-succulent so be sure not to over water! Let the soil dry out a fair bit between waterings. To monitor this, you can use your finger to poke into the top 5 cm of potting mix and feel the soil moisture level. An underwatered hoya can be revived by a good drink, but over watering can lead to more serious fungal issues or root rot. During winter, when the plant isn’t in an active growing phase you should reduce watering frequency even more. 

As with all plants, drainage is essential. Ensure that whatever vessel your plant is in, there are sufficient holes in the bottom to allow excess water to freely drain from the pot and away from the plant’s roots. 

Hoya Obovata Humidity

Hoya will do fine with a normal household level of ambient humidity. 

N.b. It’s best not to mist your hoya’s unless you are wiping/cleaning their leaves. Excess water sitting on the leaf can lead to fungal issues including powdery mildew and leaf spot. 

Hoya Obovata Fertiliser

Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly over the warm, growing period and not at all over the cooler winter months. 

Hoya Obovata Extra Tips

Once a month you can wipe down the plants leaves using a damp cloth to clean away any dust that has collected and may be preventing the leaves from breathing. It’s completely normal for older leaves to fade in colour and brown off as they age. Prune off any damaged or dying leaves using a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs so that the plant can put more energy into the newer, healthier growth. 

Hoya Obovata Toxicity